Karen Redman launches candidacy for re-election as Regional Chair

Karen Redman
May 16, 2022

Today, Karen Redman, of Kitchener, filed nomination papers seeking re-election as Regional Chair in the upcoming municipal election in Waterloo Region.

“It’s an exciting time in Waterloo Region and I am energized for the opportunity to continue to provide leadership in our community today and to lay the groundwork for a future where all local residents have the tools to prosper,” said Redman.

“There’s no question the last two years have been enormously challenging for every sector of our community,” said Redman. “Regional government’s priority has been to manage the public health crisis caused by the pandemic through the state of emergency to the vaccine rollout. However, we have also been steadfast in our commitment to local economic growth by securing strategic investments in the airport, supporting expansion of light rail transit and laying the groundwork to attract investment from senior levels of government.”

Redman was first elected as Regional Chair in 2018. Throughout an extensive career in public service, Redman has previously been elected in municipal government and federal parliament. Prior to her election as Regional Chair, Redman served as the Chief Executive Officer for Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region.

“Our region has a significant capacity to attract investment from other levels of government. It’s imperative that the region’s leadership is committed to building a strong and diverse local economy, supporting an equitable society, and initiating partnerships and growth. I believe I have demonstrated effectiveness in these areas and I welcome the opportunity to continue,” said Redman.

“Elections are an exciting opportunity and I look forward to the coming campaign and sharing my values, experience and vision with the residents of Waterloo Region,” said Redman.

The Regional Chair is elected by all voters across Waterloo Region.  The municipal election will be held on October 24, 2022.