• Our Region

    As the Regional Chair, I have the opportunity to lead the conversation on what it takes to make our Region a better place. I look forward to talking to you about the Region’s plans and priorities. I am committed to us working towards an inclusive, equitable, thriving and sustainable community with connected rural and urban communities and a global reach that fosters opportunities for current and future residents.

  • Proven Leadership

    I value your trust which enables me to serve as Regional Chair in our community. The past four years have been challenging for all of us. I am proud of how Waterloo Region responded to the pandemic and managed the vaccine roll-out, while continuing to move forward with sound investments for our region’s future growth.

  • Stronger Together

    Across our Region, there is no doubt that we have many differences but it is clear we are stronger when we all work together. The Region’s recently approved Official Plan speaks to managed growth based on solid planning principles that will establish a community for the future that reflects the values of our residents.

  • Infrastructure for the future

    The launch of the ION has transformed the transit corridor and we look forward to continuing the next phase to enhance connections across the Region. Further, the Region continues to establish partnership which support investments in infrastructure like the King-Victoria transit hub and the Breslau Go Station. As one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, our ability to support effective transportation – in all modes – is an important part of our continued growth.

  • Caring for those who are vulnerable

    Affordable housing is central to how Waterloo Region helps those who are experiencing difficult times to move towards a better future. When I was CEO for Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region, I saw firsthand the impact home ownership has on families. A stable environment and a place to call home, sometimes for the first time in a family’s life, can be a life-changing experience. The attainability and affordability of housing is something that requires attention and investment from all levels of government. I am committed to continuing to advocate for long-term investment in supportive and affordable housing that includes mental health services and social supports.

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