• Leadership

    Public office is a gift – not to be taken lightly nor for granted. I value the gift that has been bestowed upon me – as a gift of trust. As the Chair of Waterloo Region, I seek to build partnerships, address challenges, and support prosperity. We are attentive to the needs within the Region and also to the Region’s place in an increasingly complex global community.

  • We’re all in this together

    Waterloo Region is a caring community. Whether it is embracing refugee settlement or establishing world class technology companies, we see examples where civil society and the business community work together for the good of the whole. Across our Region, there is no doubt that we have many differences. We are stronger when we all work together.

  • Infrastructure for the future

    Since the ION construction began, investment in development has been transforming the transit corridor. The Region will take full advantage of GO Transit and transit connections along the Windsor/Toronto corridor.

  • Caring for those who are vulnerable

    When I joined Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region in 2012, I saw firsthand the impact home ownership has on families. A stable environment and a place to call home, sometimes for the first time in a family’s life, can be a life-changing experience. Affordable housing is central to how Waterloo Region helps those who are experiencing difficult times to move towards a better future.

Working for You